JavaScript Building Blocks

JavaScript Building Blocks Series

Learn about the building block series. Set up the building blocks base project.

We setup our Include JS file and we go over the browser console.

What are variables? How to create one with keyword "var"?

Learn about creating variables with "const" and "let".

Primitive Data Types: How to create String, Numbers, and Booleans

Learn about UNDEFINED and NULL variables.

Learn about Javascript single line and multiline comments.

Learn about Javascript Operators and Assignments to perform calculations.

Learn how to do loose and strict comparisons, equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than etc.

Learn about logical operators and conditionals. AND, OR, If Else blocks.

Learn how to create conditionals with the switch statement.

Learn how to create, update, and traverse an Array data structure.

Learn about Javascript functions including the ES6 Arrow Function.

Learn how to use Let and Var to create variables. Learn about scope.

Learn about Javascript functions including the ES6 Arrow Function.

Create object literals. Use the For-In loop. Use new ES6 For-Of loop with iterable process.

Learn about the forEach and Find operation. We compare the forEach versus the forOf loop. We compare the differences and we also cover the Find operation.

In this lesson we cover spreading an Array, array of, array from, array concat, and array isArray. (check out blooper at end)

In this lesson we cover Array filter, Array some, Array every, Array find, Array findIndex, Array indexOf, Array lastIndexOf, Array includes

In this lesson, we cover Array map and Array join. Map is definitely a must know.

In this lesson, we cover Array Reduce and ReduceRight. We also review Array Map and Filter.

In this lesson we cover the Javascript Array methods push and pop. We also go over what a Stack is and how data is added and removed.

In this lesson, we cover how to use the methods push and shift on an Array in Javascript. How to implement a Queue using constructor functions and ES6 classes

In this lesson, we cover what Objects are and how to make them with Object Literals and Constructor Functions

In this lesson, we cover the difference in constructor functions and factory functions. Go over the downside of constructor functions and show you how to create factory functions to create objects.