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The zoo

Our goal

The zoo is a free community dedicated to providing resources to allow young children and beginners in general to learn how to program in web technologies. Join me and my two children as we learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript together. We are starting with basic HTML instructions and plan to follow that with CSS and Javascript. The series is meant to be done by adult beginners, teen beginners, or with a parent and their preteen working together. A new video is released each week. They are meant to be short 15-20 minute lessons. Each video comes with study notes and an occasional fun quiz video is thrown in to test. Videos are released weekly on Wednesday or Thursday so be sure to click the bell icon to be notified when one is released.

The idea behind "the coding zoo" is that we wanted to provide a fun way for my children and I to learn together and at the same time possibly help someone else who would like to learn with us. Please do provide constructive feedback on how we could improve the experience for you and others to learn together with us. If you enjoy the series, please subscribe, "like" the videos, and spread the word to others who might enjoy.


Level up in the zoo

With the "HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" play list, most lessons add onto the previous lesson and "the zoo" will have various progress milestones in that play list. If you would like, once you reached a given milestone, send us your work and/or your child's work and we will add it to "the coding zoo". At the first milestone point, you and/or your child will choose a Zoo animal to represent you in the zoo. Each progress milestone, you would send us your finished work and we will add it to the zoo website for you, your family, and friends to visit.

Be one of the first to join. We hope to have a large variety of "coding animals" from all over the world as "the coding zoo" matures.


Lesson details

Eventually we may get into frameworks such as jQuery, ReactJs and Redux but before we can learn to run, we need to learn to walk. Let's learn the fundamentals first together with my children. I am a software engineer of about 18 years. I am self-taught and thought it would be fun to teach my children also. I have spent most of my time in back-end server languages such as Java so I am a little rusty on the front-end but that is OK. It is like riding a bicycle, we will pick it up together.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Video Set - We will start off with basic HTML and slowly mix CSS plus Javascript in as we move into more advanced HTML. We may also touch upon the bootstrap framework also. This covers using the building blocks from the three different technologies to build web pages.

HTML Building Blocks Video Set - Learn one or two HTML features per video (shorter 5-10 minute videos)

CSS Building Blocks Video Set - Learn one or two CSS features per video (shorter 5-10 minute videos)

JavaScript Building Blocks Set - Learn one or two JavaScript features per video (shorter 5-10 minute videos)

"the coding zoo" weekend Adventures Video Set -Join my family and I as we take a break from coding and do different adventures on the weekend. Get to know us more! (Entertainment Videos)